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Customer information COVID-19

We understand your concern about possible risks of delayed delivery, delivery stop, or contamination of our goods due to the current situation regarding the corona virus. We can reassure you: The current situation is that neither our direct suppliers nor any of their suppliers are affected by an infection by the Corona virus.

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NCC® TL1 LED-Rückleuchte
Eura Mobil Integra

New Eura Mobil Integra with innovative LED Tail Light

Full-LED Tail Light with SIC-Technology

Light becomes defined completely new at the upper class of motorhomes through the flagship “Integra“, that is equipped with an innovative state-of-the-art full-LED Tail Light with sequential indicator. Innovative Light Guides are employed for the light functions Stop Light and Rear Light. 
In a suitable design we also offer a LED Rear Fog Light as well as a LED Rear Light.

NCC® 5.75" Bi-LED Hauptscheinwerfer

NCC® 5.75" Bi-LED Headlight

Only at NOLDEN: 4 Light functions allocated on14,6cm

The famous second generation of NOLDEN’s 7“ Bi-LED Headlight gets a little brother: The all new NCC® 5.75“ Bi-LED Headlight with the latest LED light guide technology for Low and High beam, Daytime-Running-Light and Position Light. Also available with symmetrical Low Beam.

NCC® 90mm LED-Multifunktionsleuchte

NCC® 90mm LED Multifunctional Module

Light Guide dominated as Daytime-Running-Light

With the new NCC® 90mm LED multifunctional light, the outer LED light guide dominates in the function of a Daytime-Running-Light. This results in a striking lighting design during the day and at dusk. Of course, you do not have to do without the fog lights, because an integrated LED fog light is included.

Article number: 90911L-TN-C