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„An the beginning there was a bar“. This is how everything started at NOLDEN. We were one of the very first providing LED Daytime-Running-Lights for backfitting. But the installation situation on a vehicle front is never plane and orthogonal. This is why we developed a programme of Daytime-Running-Lights which adapt to the geometry of the vehicle’s front. Only with the correct contour of the light an „ex factory“ look can be achieved.

Tagfahrleuchten VW T5With the following radii of Daytime-Running-Lights we cover 95% of all possible vehicle contours on current vehicle fronts:

• Daytime Running Light „Universal“
• Daytime Running Light „Classic“
• Daytime Running Light „Slim“
• Daytime Running Light „Slim 500“
• Daytime Running Light „Short 3“

All models are designed with modern light guide technology, powdered aluminium die casting housing and the according ECE-, SAE- and EMC certification.


Example: VW T5 Multivan


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Excursus: installation instruction for daytime-running-lights

Drehung X Achse NOLDEN

A brief technical excursion: Determining the correct fitting position of a Daytime-Running-Light is not very difficult. The X-axis of the vehicle determines the correct position. The rear side of the cooling element can always be taken as reference surface for NCC® LED Daytime-Running-Lights. If the cooling element is flush with the X-axis, the position of the light is correct. This is not only the case for Daytime-Running-Lights with a round shape. The indicating factor is the identification mark „TOP“ on the outer lens.

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Rotation about the X-axis

For this matter, the approvable rotation about the longitudinal axis of the vehicle is indicated in degrees. This rotation must be explicitly approved and registered in the documentation of the light.

Drehung X Achse NOLDEN