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Develop and produce a product, offer, deliver - done. Really finished? Does a customer really get the total package that satisfies him if we just produce and deliver products?
These and many other questions we asked ourselves at NOLDEN. And have come to a conclusion: No, only the delivery of a particular product is not enough for us.

We waCAD Engineeringnt more - a holistic solution that ensures maximum satisfaction on all sides. That led us to the new philosophy of NOLDEN: We deliver complete solutions, developed on request together with the customer and ready-to-install. And we got to know that we met exactly the right requirements, not least with well-known manufacturers.



CAD engineering provides manufacturers with tailor-made solutions

CAD Engineering @ NOLDENHow would a project in partnership with NOLDEN CARS & CONCEPTS work? Firstly our experienced engineers and CAD designers develop the light unit according to the customer's performance and dimensional requirements and then, working in complete collaboration, fine tune the component detail ensuring a perfect fit and finish.
For military application water and dust proof light units are mandatory and our innovative NCC® LED light modules offer greater design freedom to further distinguish your vehicle from the competition. We can also offer vehicle kits for small scale production runs which would include everything for a complete installation, lights, bezels, brackets, cable harness and light monitoring systems and then, if required, each kit can be individually packaged to customer specification.


NOLDEN CARS & CONCEPTS take every order very seriously!