Customer information COVID-19

We understand your concern about possible risks of delayed delivery, delivery stop, or contamination of our goods due to the current situation regarding the corona virus. We can reassure you: The current situation is that neither our direct suppliers nor any of their suppliers are affected by an infection by the Corona virus.

We at Nolden Cars & Concepts GmbH are in constant communication with our suppliers in order to be able to react as quickly as possible to delays or stops in delivery. We are able to absorb short-term delays to a large extent and guarantee a smooth supply chain. If the situation on the world market should worsen, for example due to import restrictions, material residues or similar, we will have to reassess our situation.

We will keep ourselves continuously informed about possible risks and, if necessary, take further risk minimization and risk management measures.
Create action plans. If there are significant changes in the situation, we will
to share with you immediately.


Nolden Cars & Concepts GmbH

D. Rautenberg

CFO / Head of Sales