The "Arto" from Niesmann+Bischoff

The Arto 2014: new inner values, new outer strength

Niesmann + Bischoff raised the bar with the Arto. The Modular Multifunction System "TRANSFORMER PRO", LED Low Beam, LED High Beam and LED Fog Lights from NOLDEN are included.

First-class workmanship, comfortable living, innovative technology, perfect roadholding: the Arto is ahead in its class. True to this year's press conference motto "New Inner Values, New External Strength", the 2014 Arto presents itself completely with new features and improvements. Recognizable at first glance: the completely new exterior of the Polcher fully integrated on Fiat Ducato base with ALKO deep frame. As you walk through the side door, you can finally see that Niesmann + Bischoff has also put his hand and know-how on the interior.
Equipped with NCC® full-LED headlights. Consisting of LED low beam and LED high beam, NCC® Transformer PRO with LED daytime-running-light, position light and and indicator.