NOLDEN: Premium Scheinwerfer-und Leuchtenhersteller

We do what we believe in, and believe in what we do

Nolden Cars & Concepts have been committed to design excellence, quality and reliability for more than 20 years - two decades developing products for the challenging automotive accessories market and latterly more specifically lighting systems. Whilst we do supply halogen lamps it is the development of our comprehensive LED lighting range that has proved a major improvement for our customers’ night driving experience. In our pursuit of excellence the whole focus has been the design and manufacture of high quality, state-of-the-art products which we believe are second to none.
Premium is the standard for all facets of our business and in every detail of our products. The NCC logo is a symbol for product excellence manufactured to meticulous quality
controls that are always maintained as we brake new ground with our product designs. Innovation is our inspiration which is reflected throughout our comprehensive product range.
Importantly we have the advantage that whilst we are big enough to develop these highly specified quality products we are still small and flexible enough to be able, we believe, to meet and satisfy individual customer requirements quicker than any other automotive lighting specialist.
We take pride in ensuring our customers can have total confidence in every aspect of our lighting systems whether it be performance or the design of these highly developed, technically advanced products. At last, an opportunity to be able take full advantage of made-to-measure innovative lighting technology - time to break new ground?