Product Catalogue Off-Road Illumination

Lighting Technology for Off-Road Vehicles

We bring light into the Adventure

Enjoy freedom. Search new tracks. Discover nature. Who is on the move with his SUV or off-road vehicle sometimes wants to turn off a well-known road. Leave the city, leave the road and rush into pleasure.

Beleuchtungstechnik Off-Road Fahrzeuge

Adventure is waiting off the road. 4x4 is more than just running-of-the-mill. It means enjoying dust and mud, driving all across country. After every corner a new challenge is waiting, every single metre off-road means getting away more and more from everyday life.
Who discovers new terrains, needs a reliable partner. A powerful and tough all-wheel vehicle, as well as the right lighting system. Especially off the road the best light matters.

Where no bonnets illuminate one’s way, products from NOLDEN do so. We offer a big range of lighting systems for SUVs and off-road vehicles, that ensure a perfect off-road experience and do not leave you in the dark when you are on your own.

Beleuchtungstechnik Off-Road Fahrzeuge

Of course all our products for off-road purposes fulfill the highest requirements. An extensive development and test phase ensure, our lighting solutions stand all burden which come up while your adventure and stay protected against dust, durt, water wind and the weather.

Light in highest quality from NOLDEN: Let the adventure begin!

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