The NCC TL1 LED Tail Light

The innovative full-LED Tail Light with SIC-Technology

NCC TL1 LED Tail Light

Let creativity flow. Open new horizons to the design of the rear of the vehicle. What causes a stir in sedans or sports cars is now also finding its way into the market for motorhomes, caravans, buses and special-purpose vehicles.

The NCC® TL1, an innovative full-LED Tail Light solution, gives the design the freedom it needs. For strong performances and fresh accents. And that with state-of-the-art Light Guide Technology and full reliability. Modernity without compromise, which has been protected by a corresponding patent.


You have every opportunity: The NCC® TL1 has a modular design and can be supplemented with the "reversing light" and "rear fog light" modules - in the same appealing design. A coherent overall solution results from the combination of all modules. The placement and arrangement are barely set limits. For best solutions and a fresh design.



To be honest, LED Technology is nothing new for Tail Lights. Many motorhomes and caravans have been equipped with hybrid lights for years, i.e. combined LED halogen units. 

In the automotive industry, however, the trend for pure LED Tail Lights is increasing. NOLDEN is focusing entirely on this technology - and is now innovating the motorhome and caravan market with NCC® TL1, the world's first patented full-LED Tail Light for horizontal and vertical installation. Completely without halogen lamps, but with the latest LED and Light Guide Technology as well as sequential Indicators (SIC Technology).
Modern technology without compromise - and with great freedom, because LED TL1 offers a maximum of design freedom through the distinctive look by day and the unique design by night thanks to the Light Guide Technology. Of course, the combination with our patented NCC® LMS Light Failure Control system can also be realized.


NCC® TL1 Overview of all Advantages:

 - 360 ° rotation of the Tail Light possible
- Tail Light with Light Guide Technology
- Brake light with Light Guide Technology
- Sequential Indicator (SIC Technology)
- Horizontal and vertical installation possible
- Optional modules: Rear Fog Light and Reversing Light