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LED Lights for Vehicle Refiners

The NCC LED Daytime-Running-Lights have both the function of a Daytime-Running-Light and a Position Light. So you do not have to do without the unmistakable design for night driving. The function of the Position Lights can be optionally activated or deactivated, depending on the circumstances on the vehicle.

There are different LED Daytime-Running-Lights with different contours available, so that we can cover almost every front of the vehicle. All Premium LED Daytime-Running-Lights additionally provide a control for the original Indicators, so that they dim to position light or switch off completely when the Indicators are switched on.

The NCC Light Guide Daytime-Running-Light is a completely new development. In this system, the basic principle of Light Gudie Technology is used intelligently and directionally, by feeding the light of the LED's in a constructively dimensioned polycarbonate body and then bringing it in a different direction. This creates a very homogeneous light. Another characteristic of this design is the much greater freedom of design than is possible with conventional lens and reflector systems.

NOLDEN CARS & CONCEPTS is a pioneer and one of the first suppliers of additional LED Higm Beam for retrofitting on the market. The NCC 70mm LED light series has also built on this competence and sets new standards. Many renowned vehicle refiners have been using our headlights and lights for many years.


Nolden Cars & Concepts offers a very broad and balanced range of products that gives vehicle manufacturers the opportunity to equip the complete vehicle front with LED module products. LED lights with the diametres 7 ", 90mm and 70mm form the product focus in the programme.