Construction & Agricultural Machinery

Our experience in the development and production of lighting equipment in the front and rear area has been transferred to our special LED work lights. NOLDEN LED work lights differ technically and qualitatively clearly to what else can be found on the local (and unfortunately also confusing) market for work light.

NCC LED Work lights and additional high beams

We do not want a standard, we want to offer you innovation, performance, quality and service. You have trusted for many years, the claim you and we have. You also do not get an unmanageable number of work lights from us. You will get from us a selection of LED work lights which can do almost anything. That's why our work light programme remains clear but complete!
In particular, our work light of the 115/4500 series represents an innovation on several points.

LED work light TYPe 115

Work light type 115-4500 with near-field or wide-field illumination, optionally available with splitted outer lens for near-field and wide-field illumination



The NCC 115/4500 is a compact, modern and powerful LED work light with 4 LEDs. Theis work light has been developed for professional heavy-duty work. A high-strength aluminum housing, a hardened and impact-resistant polycarbonate outer lens, as well as a solid stainless steel holder ensure maximum reliability. Its innovative design allows both, the change of the LED board and the windscreen and the connection cable. A change from near-field to wide-field illumination is possible at any time by changing the outer lens. An enjoyable exception for the service, this significantly reduces possible repair costs and allows a high level of flexibility.


Garant Kotte NOLDEN LED work lights and headlights



NCC LED work light Type 115-4500

The NCC 115/4500 is available with either near-field or wide-field illumination and universally applicable to many fields of work. In forestry and agriculture, in commercial vehicles, construction machinery and special vehicle construction as well as in the military sector - or wherever a daylight-like illumination is needed.

Important product features are:

-16 high-performance LEDs
-Luminous flux 4950lm (+/- 450lm) (lime)
-White 6350K (+/- 150K)
-45W energy consumption
-Lifespan of the LED over 30000 hours
-Integrated overheating protection
-Aluminum housing, stainless steel holder
-Hardened polycarbonate disc
-Multivoltage 12V and 24V
-EMC and ESD tested filter technology against radio interference
-Integrated DEUTSCH conector DT15-2P
-Individual connection cable possible
-Front screen and LED board can be changed for service
-Conversion of near- and wide-field illumination possible through simple change of outer lens
-Outer lenses for near- and wide-field illumination included
-Optional heavy-duty handle available
-Shock tested up to 40G
-Individual customer logos possible


Example for illumination with NCC LED work light Type 115-4500

NCC LED-Arbeitsscheinwerfer TYP 115-4500

NCC LED-Arbeitsscheinwerfer TYP 115-4500