Failure Control and Supervision

NCC® Leuchten Ausfallkontrolle


Failure control for lights from NOLDEN

Technical innovation and state-of-the-art solutions have long been trademarks of NOLDEN. A successful example of this is NCC® LMS - the Load Monitoring System for failure control of LED Lights. Developed by NOLDEN for LED modules - patented and versatile.

Thanks to NCC® LMS, the vehicle's light failure control no longer has any problems coping with modern LED solutions on Headlights, combination Rear Lights or Indicators. The vehicle's legally required failure control system works smoothly.



Failure control - security at day and night

European lighting requirements are very specific. Any vehicle designated for use on European roads must fulfill certain requirements to obtain ECE homologation and an on board system to monitor the lighting is obligatory. The system must ensure the driver is aware of any failure of lights or indicators by a visual or acoustic warning signal.

NCC LMS Scheinwerferausfallkontrolle

So far so good, but unfortunately there is the problem. Most vehicles’ electronics have been designed for previously conventional halogen or xenon lighting and the diagnostic systems were designed accordingly. However not only do modern LED modules have an amazing light output they also have an extremely low energy consumption so this reduced load is identified as a failure by a conventional diagnostic system. Simply introducing a resistor in the circuit to solve the failure identification problem would not only reduce light output and negate any energy saving it would more seriously risk circuit overheating and possible fire so this this is not an option.
A state of the art electronic solution is needed: NCC® LMS.


NCC® LMS 6K - Scheinwerferausfallkontrolle

What is NCC® FMS?


    • - FMS is a patented and intelligent electronic system for failure control of LED indicators.


    • - Each Indicator requires one FMS


    • - FMS also works in combined applications of conventional bulbs and LEDs


    • - FMS is microprocessor-controlled and works with every LED Indicator and a power consumption between 1-9W


    • - FMS sends a coded signal according to ISO 13207-7 to the Indicator relay as long as the LED turn signal is working properly. If the Indicator fails, this signal is canceled. The Indicator relay detects this and then increases the Indicator's frequency