NOLDEN NCC® 50- and 70mm Modules

 NCC® 55- und 70mm Hallogen- und LED-Scheinwerfer Module


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NOLDEN 50- And 70mm modules

In all modesty: This product range is an enrichment for the industry. 15 years ago we introduced the first 70 mm lights to the
market and even today we are the only supplier of multifunction lights in this format. Tens of thousands of sales
since then prove, we have the satisfaction of knowing that we recognised what the market wanted as well as customers’ design

As the originator of this very successful 70 mm lighting sector we will naturally continue to develop the range to ensure we
remain it’s market leader.



solaris bus 1 250Zenvo Automotive and NOLDEN LED lights Larte Tuning with 70mm NOLDEN LED lights



  • pk thumb 3h


    It’s a very long time but we calculate a theoretical operation lifetime for both the LEDs and electronic components at 30.000 h and that’s equivalent to 3.5 years continous operation.



  • white light for more security

     A bright, white light is clearly more visible in traffic than a yellowish light. As a result, you as a driver are more likely to be seen and significantly increase road safety. The latest LED Technology from OSRAM and PHILIPS guarantee the best possible visibility for the driver when driving at night.



  • pk thumb IP

    Protection class

    All our products meet the IP international protection codes IP69K and IP67 respectively classifying them as water and dust proof to the extent they are high temperature
    washdown safe and submersible.




  • pk thumb CISPR

    no radio noise

    Electronic components are to be found everywhere in vehicles today and these often sensitive components must be kept free of electromagnetic interference. All NCC® lights meet EMC CISPR level 5 which is higher than the most commonly required automotive standard.



  • pk thumb SAE

    Environment tests

    Since its foundation in 1905 SAE International has developed engineering standards that have been recognised and adopted globally. All our products meet SAE J2139 that defines environment standards and tests for vehicle lighting systems.



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    International approvals: All NCC® lights comply with ECE and SAE standards and where specifically required can also have CCC certification.



  • pk thumb 3w


    Although EU law requires a minimum two years guarantee as we have complete confidence in the reliability of our products they come with a three year guarantee. You have further assurance that a NCC® product will not let you down.