NCC® TL1 LED-Rückleuchte mit SIC Technologie


NCC® TL1 LED-Rückleuchte


Innovative LED Tail light with light guide technology

Let creativity flow. Open new horizons to the design of the rear of the vehicle. What causes a stir in sedans or sports cars is now also finding its way into the market for motorhomes, caravans, buses and special-purpose vehicles.

The NCC® TL1, an innovative full-LED tail light solution, gives the design the freedom it needs. For strong performances and fresh accents. And that with state-of-the-art light guide technology and full reliability. Modernity without compromise, which has been protected by a corresponding patent.




LED Tail Light Overview of functions

NCC® TL1 Rückleuchte

Function: turned-off
A striking and modern design at day in combination
with the fitting modules. Outer lens can be chosen bicolored
or clearly.

tl1 tail

Function: tail light
Bars in light guide technology cause a homogeneous
light at the outer contour of the tail light. A distinctive
design at night changes with every mounting option

tl1 brake

Function: stop light
Visibility and design are important aspects. The LEDs
of the tail light react extremely fast and are shining
very bright..

tl1 indicator

Function: indicator (simple)
Thanks to the NCC® TL1 the changing of a direction
ca be optically restaged in a very impressive way.
Therefore all LED-chambers are flowed with light
simultaneously. This function is an obligation at
vertical installation and only an option at horizontal

tl1 indicator sic

Function: sequential indicator (SIC technology)
The changing of a direction is caused through a
sequential indication signal. Always starting from
inside, chamber after chamber becomes activated.
Sequential indicating is only permitted at horizontal


tl1 rotate 350



More freedom for your design

To be honest: LED-technology is nothing new at the design of LED tail lights. Many caravans or buses have hybrid lights at their rear that combine both, LED technology and halogen technology. That is all well and good, but…
LED technology respectively pure LED tail lights are becoming more and more a standard in the automotive sector. NOLDEN is concentrating on the LED technology and so is responsible for a first on the market for buses and caravans: NCC® TL1, the worldwide first full-LED tail light that is installable horizontally or vertically and patent-protected. There is no halogen technology used, but the latest LED light guide technology as well as a sequential indicator as a highlight (SIC technology).
Modern technology without of any compromise — but with a big freedom for the design. NCC® TL1 offers a maximum of design opportunities. It has a striking design at day and a distinctive design at night thanks to it’s light guide technology. Of course a combination with our famous and patented NCC® LMS (light monitoring system) is possible.




tl1 sum 2.1

Configuration Vertical

Indicator with SIC technology only possible at horizontal installation!




tl1 sum 2

Configuration Horizontal

Indicator with SIC technology not possible at
vertical installation! At this installation possibility all
LED chambers become activated simultaneously
when indicator is turned on.





Rear fog light and reversing

optional modules for led tail light

The two optional modules LED rear fog lights and LED reversing blend seamlessly with the design of the NCC® TL1 rear light. These can be used for both horizontal and vertical installation.

Due to the numerous functions and expansion options, the use of the LED tail light is also attractive for campers, buses and caravans. The technical advantages also pay off, because vehicles of this size also require a good signalization of road behavior. Here, for example, to think of the limited overview of the driver when changing lanes or when parking in and out, which should be signaled to other road users for safety reasons as clearly as possible.


tl1 rear fog tl1 reverse


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Product information

Produktinformation NCC® TL1 Rückleuchte 


Kurzvideo NCC® TL1 LED-Rückleuchte



  • pk thumb 3h


    It’s a very long time but we calculate a theoretical operation lifetime for both the LEDs and electronic components at 30.000 h and that’s equivalent to 3.5 years continous operation.



  • Light guide

    In this system, the basic principle of light guide technology is applied intelligently and in a trend-setting manner by feeding the light from the LEDs into a constructively dimensioned polycarbonate body and then channeling it in a different direction. This produces a very homogeneous light. Another characteristic of this design is the much greater freedom of design than is possible with conventional lens and reflector systems.

  • SIC-technologie

    The NCC® TL1 LED Tail Light uses SIC (Sequential Indicator) Technology.



  • pk thumb IP

    Protection Class

    All our products meet the IPinternational protection codes IP69K and IP67 respectively classifying them as water and dust proof to theextent they are high temperaturewashdown safe and submersible.




  • pk thumb CISPR

    No radio noise

    Electronic components are to be found everywhere in vehicles today and these often sensitive components must be kept free of electromagnetic
    interference. All NCC® lights meet EMC CISPR level 5 which is higher than the most commonly required automotive standard.



  • pk thumb SAE

    Environment tests

    Since its foundation in 1905 SAE International has developed engineering standards that have been recognised and adopted globally. All our products meet SAE J2139 that defines environment standards and tests for vehicle lighting systems.



  • pk tumb ece


    International approvals: All NCC® lights comply with ECE and SAE standards and where specifically required can also have CCC certification.



  • pk thumb 3w


    Although EU law requires a minimum two years guarantee as we have complete confidence in the reliability of our products they come with a three year guarantee. You have further assurance that a NCC® product will not let you down.