Technical innovations and electronic solutions have long been a NOLDEN trademark

A perfect example of this is the patented NCC® LMS Load Monitoring System to diagnose LED light failure. In order to adapt our lights to a vehicle’s headlight levelling system we offer the world’s first retrofit waterproof levelling motor. Satisfactory connection is further guaranteed by the appropriate adaption electronics, the NCC® Servo Converter.

Overview of Electronic Solutions for Failure Control, Monitoring and Adaptation:

  • LMS Lighting Failure Control
  • FSS.4 Antiflicker System
  • Levelling Motor
  • Servo Converter


For a vehicle to be driven legally on European public roads, it must have ECE approval which includes a lighting failure warning system. In the event of an indicator or low beam failure, the electronics system must warn the driver by an audible or visual message. However, most vehicle electronics and diagnostic systems have been designed for conventional lights (halogen indicators or headlights) and this creates a problem. Modern LED lights are not only highly efficient and reliable, they consume far less energy. As a result, most vehicle electronics have a tenancy to wrongly identify the low LED power consumption as a "malfunction" as would previously have been the case with a halogen or xenon light failure. To overcome the problem it is possible to install resistors in the vehicle harness, but even in the best case, this would lead to unnecessary power consumption. In the worst case any saving achieved by adopting an LED alternative would be lost and any resistor/harness changes could create a fire risk. That is why this unsafe solution is rightly prohibited. NOLDEN has developed an electronic solution with the NCC® LMS.

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Security by Day and Night for LED Lights

NCC® Levelling Motor

The NCC® headlamp levelling motor which, unlike other retrofit market solutions, is completely waterproof due to a specially designed seal to the frontal area. Various options for connection or attachment are possible but with the NCC® Servo Converter you have the complete answer for the integration of our headlights.

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NCC® Servo Converter

Various infrastructures in vehicle lighting e.g. automatic and manual headlamp levelling systems ( and the associated voltage range adjustments) cause problems with the installation of LED headlamps, as the adjustment of a levelling motor to different specific headlamp vehicle parameters does not always work smoothly. With the NCC® Servo Converter, it is no longer necessary to use a servomotor with voltage/stroke characteristics for a specific vehicle. Individual servomotors not only cost much more, it also does not protect against the effects of electronic changes made by vehicle manufacturers, which could ruin such a concept. "Like a gear box", the NCC® Servo Converter works as an electronic matching device between the headlamp levelling actuator and the vehicle's control unit. Thanks to the NCC® Servo Converter, one levelling motor can be used in different vehicles.

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NCC® LMS Lighting Failure Control

The NCC® LMS is required to identify side light failure following the retrofit of LED headlamps, combination rear lamps and indicators. Two functions are combined in one module:

  • Simulation of a conventional halogen light with typical switch-on impulse and programmable load
  • Failure detection of a defective LED light when current falls below a defined threshold

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NCC® FSS.4 Antiflicker System

The patented FSS.4 system necessary to operate LED headlights in PWM controlled vehicle electrical systems.

  • No on/off time differences between left and right headlamps Significantly longer life compared to permanently loaded electrolytic capacitors
  • No negative influence on the LED light electronics (e.g. switch-off due to overload detection)
  • No negative influence on vehicle electronics due to high charge and discharge current peaks of capacitors

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